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Andrew Thomas

I’m an entrepreneur.

I create meaningful things. Right now, I’m creating the future of the smart home.

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One of the top entrepreneurs in the Internet of Things

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Who is Andrew Thomas?

I’m an entrepreneur focused on creating meaningful companies and products. As a founder of SkyBell, an internet of things company, I’m making homes and neighborhoods safer with a video doorbell you answer from a smartphone. As an IoT expert, I’m shaping the future of the smart home. As an inventor, I envision products and platforms that bring meaningful impact to our lives.

As an advisor, I support founders and startups with direct experience and expertise in product, IoT, platform, funding and business development. As a writer,  I contribute articles to Inc.com, Forbes and Huffington Post, sharing the lessons I’ve learned as a founder. As a person, I live the process of personal evolution – continually striving to be the best expression of myself.

Internet of Things | Startups | Crowdfunding | Product | Funding

The power to create is our greatest gift. We should use it to create meaningful products, organizations and relationships that uplift everyone they touch.

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