The power to create whatever we want is our greatest gift. We should use that power to start companies that create impact, sell products and services that empower customers and become better versions of ourselves.

At my core, I’m focused on empowering others. My hope is that everyone (1) feels worthy to accomplish their dreams and (2) has access to the information and tools to make those dreams happen. That passion drives everything I do – from speaking and writing to starting businesses that positively impact a customer’s life.

Leading as an entrepreneur

I’m most well known as Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of SkyBell, a smart home (Internet of Things) company that helped pioneer the video doorbell. In 2013, I created an Indiegogo campaign that raised almost $600,000 in 30 days. Fast Company called it an “Indiegogo Sensation.”

In the six years since SkyBell started, I have:

  1. Led business development, partnerships and sales – building partnerships and sales relationships with Comcast, Honeywell, in the US, and a number of equally large companies overseas.
  2. Helped raise tens of millions in funding.
  3. Helped scale SkyBell to a high valuation.
  4. Helped SkyBell get covered by the top media outlets, including TechCrunch, Forbes,, Fast Company, Wall Street Journal, and more.
  5. Appeared on TV interviews (Bloomberg & Fox Business) and many podcasts.
  6. Mentored many startups and advised a startup in the smart cities space.
  7. Invented, or been a part of inventing, over 30 patents in the smart home space.
  8. Created meaningful relationships with the leaders of the smart home industry, venture capitalists and leaders at some of the world’s largest companies.

My personal journey from depression to success

Why? My personal journey has been a story of struggle and achievement. For most of my early 20s, I battled depression – living completely disconnected from true self and my potential. I worked a job I did not like (financial planning), felt absolutely no sense of worthiness and believed that life passed me by.

Everyday I would go to TechCrunch and read about entrepreneurs. I would tell myself: “I’ll never be like them. I’m not good enough.” I did that for two years, until a series of panic attacks took my health to a lower level. I hid all this from my friends and family.

Then one day I witnessed something that woke me up. I realized that I was not supposed to be depressed. I embarked on a personal journey that turned my life around. I started meditating. I built an exercise routine with a retired Army Ranger and got in great shape. I bio-hacked my diet to restore my energy. And I read countless books to reset my spirit.

Two years later, I could no longer deny the truth: I was called to be an entrepreneur. A few months later, my co-founder came to me with the idea for a video doorbell. I was ready. Just three months after that, I clicked “launch” on our Indiegogo campaign page.

I learned many things, mostly, that we must find our truths. It’s not easy, but our ability to find and follow our truth is our true power.

Empowering Others by Speaking and Writing

No matter what I’m doing, or what I’m focusing on, empowering others is the connective energy I give to everything.

As a speaker, I try to provide as much value, motivation and inspiration as I can. My goals are the same: empower people by helping them feel worthy or by providing actionable information they need to create what they want.

As a writer, I contribute to, covering a variety of topics that I feel empower leaders and entrepreneurs. Mindfulness, sales, marketing and tips on how to build meaningful relationships are some of the most common topics.