The power to create whatever we want is our greatest gift. We should use it to create meaningful products and services that truly help people; to create positive relationships that uplift others; and to create the change we want to see in our lives.

Andrew Thomas (@apthomas) is a co-founder of SkyBell – a smart home security company that is making homes and neighborhoods safer – starting with the front door. The SkyBell Video Doorbell allows homeowners to see, hear and speak to the visitor at their door from a smartphone.

SkyBell has raised millions in funding, was named as a 2014 CES Innovations Award Nominee and is sold via Amazon, Best Buy and Home Depot. Andrew is responsible for SkyBell’s strategy, partnerships and business development – leading SkyBell’s integration plans with Nest, Amazon, Apple, Comcast and more.

Before SkyBell, Andrew directed web and mobile development projects for clients after beginning his career as a member of Google’s search relevancy team. A sense of adventure led him to Shanghai, China whmere he managed web development projects for a large Chinese video game company. Andrew graduated from USC with a BBA in Finance.

As a contributor, Andrew shares his ideas and experiences by writing, speaking and appearing in visual media. His articles have appeared on Forbes, and Huffington Post – covering topics including startups, the Internet of Things, crowdfunding and personal growth. Andrew has been interviewed on national TV, print and industry podcasts.