28 Toxic Thoughts Successful People Refuse to Believe

Have you ever thought about all the businesses that do not exist because someone with a great idea didn’t feel smart enough or worthy enough to pursue it? I constantly wonder if the next life-changing company is sitting in the mind of someone who believes the self-limiting thoughts they tell themselves every day.

I certainly understand this dynamic because I did the same thing in my twenties. Before I co-founded SkyBell, I was a financial planner – avoiding my true calling as an entrepreneur because I never felt good enough. I stayed in that role for three depressing years. Finally, I said “enough is enough,” and took steps to live out my purpose as an entrepreneur.

If you have that feeling in your gut that you’re not living your purpose, or living up to your potential, then it’s time to examine your thoughts.¬†When you become aware of the lies you tell yourself, you can use the power of focus and intention to turn them around.

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