Article: 28 Toxic Thoughts Successful People Refuse to Believe

Have you ever thought about all the businesses that do not exist because someone with a great idea didn't feel smart enough or worthy enough to pursue it? I constantly wonder if the next life-changing company is sitting in the mind of someone who believes the self-limiting thoughts they tell themselves every day. I certainly understand this dynamic because I did the same thing in my twenties. B … Read More

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Your 20s are the time when you discover who you are and set the stage for who you will become. They are both exciting and challenging. On the one hand, you'll never be more free to have fun and pursue whatever excites you. On the other, you're setting the trajectory for your future, both personally and professionally. The pressure to go in many different directions, coupled with the anxiety tha … Read More

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When it comes to business, you hear a ton about revenue, ROI (return on investment) and key metrics like user growth and head count. One thing you rarely hear discussed is the value of culture. Having recently attended The Culture Conference, one of the best conferences for entrepreneurs, executives and social leaders interested in expanding the impact that culture has within their organizations, … Read More

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There's a specific question I often ask myself that I know can't be answered with any level of certainty, but fascinates me nonetheless. The question is: How many life-changing ideas are sitting in the minds of would-be entrepreneurs who don't feel worthy or ready to make the jump? Unfortunately, we don't get to see those great ideas come to life because there's so much self-doubt and fear in o … Read More

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When I look back on my 20s, I see two different versions of myself. The first five years were dominated by feelings of insecurity and anxiety. I was living a life I did not want, and I wasn't confident enough to stop it. Then, in the second half of my 20s, I learned to embrace my purpose and began living the life I wanted -- the life of an entrepreneur. One thing is clear: The success I've experie … Read More

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