Article: 2 Mindset Hacks that Will Change Your Outlook

There was a time not too long ago when I complained so much my younger brother called me out. I had started to believe all the untrue stories my mind had created over the years. I was 26, and living a life that did not make me happy. I went searching for answers -- and turned it around. I learned powerful hacks used by extremely successful people, including Will Smith, Oprah, Jim Carrey and Muh … Read More

Article: 6 Killer Personal Branding Tips From Gary Vaynerchuk (and Other Experts)

Personal branding experts gathered in Las Vegas last week to deliver powerful advice for entrepreneurs at this year's Amplify Live Experience. Top names including Gary Vaynerchuk and Dr. Sean Stephenson were among the headline speakers sharing their best advice for personal branding success. The conversation was as diverse as it was powerful, including topics like finding your purpose, creating … Read More

Article: The Top Influencers to Follow in the Internet of Things

It's been called the next Industrial Revolution and the "Third Wave" of the internet.Cisco predicts that it will be a $14.4 trillion dollar industry by 2020. Just like the first wave of the internet, the Internet of Things (IoT) movement will change and disrupt every facet of industry, commerce and our daily lives - providing countless opportunity for you to start a new business in the space. … Read More

Article: The Best Conferences For Entrepreneurs Still Left in 2016

Conferences are outstanding ways to learn new things, push the boundaries of your comfort zone and have life-changing conversations. I've made some of my best personal and professional connections at conferences like South by Southwest, Techweek and CES. There seem to be more conferences each year, and it can be challenging to decide which to attend. If you haven't hit a conference yet this … Read More

Article: The Top Journalists and Experts to Follow in the Internet of Things

Surely you’ve heard the term. There’s a good chance you’ve also heard the staggering projections for what many are calling the “Third Wave” of the internet. It’s called the Internet of Things (IoT), and it’s going to fundamentally change our lives - just like the first version of the internet did decades ago. Cisco projects that the IoT industry could be worth $19 trillion, with opportunities a … Read More

Article: 5 Toxic Relationships That Are Holding You Back

Successful people often share a powerful principle of success, brilliantly encapsulated in a quote from entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn: "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." I first heard this quote seven years ago, and it prompted me to think seriously about the people closest to me, and how they affected me. I learned how much negative … Read More

Article: How We Made Millions with only $5,000 in Marketing Spend

You don't need fancy commercials and big agencies to market your product. The best brands today were built from tiny marketing budgets. Dollar Shave Club started with a viral video that cost $5,000. They were acquired in July by Unilever for one billion dollars. Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook using word-of-mouth marketing and exclusivity - not a big budget. We launched SkyBell on a shoestr … Read More

Article: 5 Lessons I Learned Closing Big Deals With Companies like Amazon

Business development is a key driver for your success as an entrepreneur. To sell your product, you have two options. You can sell a few units to many customers , which requires lots of marketing dollars and sales support. Or, you can focus on selling to businesses. We chose the second path for my hardware startup, SkyBell. As a co-founder, I lead business development efforts that have landed d … Read More

Article: This Leadership Quality Was the Real Reason Steve Jobs Was a Success

A dynamic and brilliant person, Steve Jobs created products that have changed our lives, and built the world's most successful brand in the process. Many attribute Jobs' success to his intelligence and vision. If you look deeper though, you'll see that the foundation for his success was something more profound--authenticity. … Read More

Article: The Fastest Way to Be More Likable

Extremely likable people are very talented in conversation. Yet their secret to success is less about what they do than what they don't do. The most likable people avoid the fastest conversation killer: Interrupting. I've written about other secrets to being a better conversationalist, but not interrupting produces the quickest results. My life quickly changed for the better when I stopped i … Read More