Interviewed on Forbes: growing IoT product SkyBell from Zero to Millions

"Andrew is now one of the top entrepreneurs to follow in Internet of Things, crowdfunding and revenue growth. - Forbes" Huge! My interview on Forbes is now live!  Learn how we grew SkyBell from an Indiegogo campaign to millions in revenue. As a co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of SkyBell, it's been amazing to direct our revenue growth, starting with our $600,000 Indiegogo campaign. We've … Read More

No Hurry, No Rest: A Powerful New Mantra

This is my new mantra. Want to know why? I've spent the last three weeks recovering from some serious burnout. During that time, I haven't been working as much. I've been resting a concussion I suffered from fainting after a light workout. Before that, stress and anxiety have taken their tool while I "hustle" - without meditating and prioritizing my health along the way. Unbridled Hustle and … Read More

Why Being a Good Person Is Good For You and Your Business

Becoming a more likable and charismatic person can advance your career and your business in ways that technical skills and intelligence alone cannot. Everyone has the ability to be likable, but like any other skill, charisma needs to be honed. Adopting the traits of likable people helped me to produce more sales, create a better culture and establish a stronger network. Becoming more charismatic … Read More

The Top Journalists and Experts to Follow in the Internet of Things

Surely you’ve heard the term. There’s a good chance you’ve also heard the staggering projections for what many are calling the “Third Wave” of the internet. It’s called the Internet of Things (IoT), and it’s going to fundamentally change our lives - just like the first version of the internet did decades ago. Cisco projects that the IoT industry could be worth $19 trillion, with opportunities a … Read More

Failure keeps us humble

Failure is an extremely powerful tool in our journey as entrepreneurs. We have a tendency to think of failure as some big cataclysmic event and the climax of some effort. It's like falling off a cliff. We fear it and we avoid it. You'll enjoy major shifts in your mindset when you start to accept failure by embracing it and the opportunities it provides. Noobpreneur published an article providin … Read More

“One of the top entrepreneurs in IoT” – published a powerful article called "6 Business Development Tips to Land Multi-Million Dollar Deals". It highlights the best practices for closing multi-million dollar business development deals. The article referenced my success in closing huge deals with Fortune 75 companies as SkyBell's CRO - and it quoted my advice as well. But the most exciting part was being called "one of t … Read More

Quoted in Forbes Article on Product vs. Platform

I was thrilled to be quoted in a recent Forbes article on how perceptions in the smart home have shifted in the 2.5 years since we started SkyBell. Michael Wolf, Forbes columnist, IoT expert and CEO of NextMarket Research, asked me a few questions about how perceptions around SkyBell has changed. “A couple years ago, people would dismiss our product,” said Andrew Thomas, cofounder of Skybell, a m … Read More

I’m now a HAX hardware mentor!

One of the most enjoyable perks of my rise with SkyBell and my role as a co-founder is the opportunity to give back to aspiring entrepreneurs. I jump at any chance to share my experiences and insight. It's why I take the time to contribute articles to,, Forbes and Huffington Post.  It's the reason why I'm thrilled to be named as a mentor for the Hax Hardware Accelerator i … Read More

Good Morning America Interview

"In my hotel room," I said. "Yes, and in one hour," she replied. "Ok cool," I shot back before hanging up. I then proceeded to take apart all the lights in my hotel room in Austin and prepare a make-shift interview set for my interview. When ABC's Good Morning America says they want an do what you need to do! Good Morning America did a segment on video doorbells and inter … Read More