My interview with Nest!

Nest interviewed me to discuss how our products are working together and how it helps us accomplish our mission to make safer homes and neighborhoods.  As a co-founder of SkyBell, I'm responsible for our partnerships and platform strategy, as well as our business development. It was fun to talk about this great partnership and realize how far we've come in just 2.5 years. <iframe width="560" … Read More

The things that led to the biggest impact in my path to mindfulness

The journey to a more mindful state of being is a process – and one that will never end. That said, a few thing stand out as having the biggest impact on my incremental progress toward being more grateful, happier and more successful. Meditating I’ve written much about the benefits of meditating. It works. Want medical proof? I lowered my resting heart rate from 112 beats per minute down to 65 … Read More

Podcast interview with Chris Dunn TV

I had the privilege of joining Chris Dunn on his Chris Dunn TV podcast which helps listeners discover pathways to create income independence. Listen to the episode! We spent time talking about the SkyBell story - how we went from a $585,000 Indiegogo campaign to a 9-figure valuation in only 2.5 years. I shared best practices for doing a crowd-funding campaign and the challenges associated wi … Read More

Speaking at SXSW!

I had the privilege of speaking at SXSW – as part of a panel on the smart home and the Internet of Things. I was joined by IoT expert Stacey Higginbotham and Mike Soucie of Nest. As for being a panelist – it was surreal and humbling. Surreal because I envisioned coming back as a speaker while leaving last year’s event. 12 months later, it happened. I submitted a panel idea with the brightes … Read More

Talking Mental Health in a Startup World

We’re going to talk for a second about mental health. Don’t hit the back button. It’s ok to read on. I promise. No one wants to talk about the big thing that we all share. Even just the voice inside the back of our minds is strong enough to play games with the reality we perceive - using fear and lack as fuel to sustain self-doubt and judgment. The great part is that you’re not alone. We all … Read More

Marketing and Branding Tips from Founders

Here are some great articles that highlight some best practices around branding, marketing and sales. They include specific advice from young and successful entrepreneurs that finding success in today's highly competitive landscape. 10 Things You Should Tell Your Designer Before Commissioning a Logo 12 Considerations to Make Before Changing Your Brand Image 11 Skills Your Next Marketing H … Read More