Interviewed on Forbes: growing IoT product SkyBell from Zero to Millions

“Andrew is now one of the top entrepreneurs to follow in Internet of Things, crowdfunding and revenue growth. – Forbes”

Huge! My interview on Forbes is now live! 

Learn how we grew SkyBell from an Indiegogo campaign to millions in revenue. As a co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of SkyBell, it’s been amazing to direct our revenue growth, starting with our $600,000 Indiegogo campaign. We’ve gone from a crowdfunding darling to one of the leading brands in the smart home segment of the Internet of Things. As a result, we’re now working with the biggest companies in our space, including Honeywell,, Nest, Amazon and more.

It wasn’t always like this

The story starts out like so many others: an idea and rejection. We did not take “no” for an answer. We went to Indiegogo and launched a crowdfunding campaign. Then we were in an announcement with Apple. Then Comcast, Nest, Amazon, Honeywell, and more.

Just do it

When you have a great idea, you must go for it. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Think outside the box at additional ways to grow seek funding or grow revenue. Engage your potential customers and find out what they want. Then go make it. Take a step forward into the belief you have in your idea, and in yourself.