Quoted in Forbes Article on Product vs. Platform

I was thrilled to be quoted in a recent Forbes article on how perceptions in the smart home have shifted in the 2.5 years since we started SkyBell. Michael Wolf, Forbes columnist, IoT expert and CEO of NextMarket Research, asked me a few questions about how perceptions around SkyBell has changed.

“A couple years ago, people would dismiss our product,” said Andrew Thomas, cofounder of Skybell, a maker of video doorbells. “It wasn’t a solution that unified the completely connected smart home. It wasn’t a platform and that was the industry holy grail.”

It’s interesting to look back and realized how many investors (VCs, angels and others) dismissed our product segment in favor of “owning the home” with a platform. Smart doorbells are likely the fastest growing segment in the smart home.

There’s good reason. These products keep people safe, connected and we do so in a way that makes sense.  Wanting to know who’s at the door is not an emotion or desire we need to create. Rather, we’re tapping right into it. Since we can all remember, we’ve felt the desire to want to know “who’s there.” When I talk to people about SkyBell, they’re reaction is usually, “of course.”

While others in our space are trying to convince a consumer that they need their product, smart doorbells are tapping right into a very real and emotional need to want to know who’s at their door whether they’re home or away.

Here’s a link: http://onforb.es/1U5rbGw