Good Morning America Interview

“In my hotel room,” I said. “Yes, and in one hour,” she replied. “Ok cool,” I shot back before hanging up.

I then proceeded to take apart all the lights in my hotel room in Austin and prepare a make-shift interview set for my interview. When ABC’s Good Morning America says they want an interview…you do what you need to do!


Good Morning America did a segment on video doorbells and interviewed me for my feedback on the SkyBell HD video doorbell. It was great to hear their experiences and perceptions of the product and how it should operate. I enjoyed talking about how SkyBell HD has helped customers prevent robberies before they happen – even when people are in another country. We also discussed SkyBell’s list of industry-leading partnerships that I’ve able to create as CRO of SkyBell.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 7.56.06 PM

The internet of things, and especially the smart home, are gaining lots of attention from the media. Within the whole genre, the video doorbell product segment is garnering additional attention. It should come as no surprise. Video doorbells are a brilliant DIY home security solution that helps makes homes safer.