I’m now a HAX hardware mentor!

One of the most enjoyable perks of my rise with SkyBell and my role as a co-founder is the opportunity to give back to aspiring entrepreneurs. I jump at any chance to share my experiences and insight. It’s why I take the time to contribute articles to Inc.com, Entprepreneur.com, Forbes and Huffington Post.  It’s the reason why I’m thrilled to be named as a mentor for the Hax Hardware Accelerator in San Francisco.


I look forward to helping their portfolio companies and entrepreneurs navigate the extremely difficult waters of inventing, developing and shipping game-changing hardware products – just like we did with SkyBell.  My experience with crowdfunding should also be very relevant for this community.


My headshot on the Hax Mentor page – next to an
entrepreneur I admire greatly, Brad Feld. 

The most recent version of SkyBell HD was named as the Best Video Doorbell by CNET and received 4 stars! The first version of SkyBell was named as a CES Innovations Award nominee in 2014. I’ve also written about crowdfunding and product development for Forbes, Entrepreneur and more. You can find them on my press page.