Talking Mental Health in a Startup World

We’re going to talk for a second about mental health. Don’t hit the back button. It’s ok to read on. I promise.

No one wants to talk about the big thing that we all share. Even just the voice inside the back of our minds is strong enough to play games with the reality we perceive – using fear and lack as fuel to sustain self-doubt and judgment.

The great part is that you’re not alone. We all have felt it to some degree. But why don’t we talk about it?

The conversation around mental health doesn’t need to be stigmatized or charged. It should be about strength, not weakness.

Focusing on my mental health has lead to more success and joy in my life than ever before. Being aware of the false stories I believe lessen their power – leaving me with a blank slate to create what I want to experience. This took time and effort.

Collectively, we can bring this topic into the open and take its power away. More and more founders are willing to talk about. Even Brad Feld, famous angel investor and founder of venture capital firm The Foundry Group.

I wanted to contribute to the mission. That’s why I wrote this 2-part article series for The articles explore real ways to stay on top of your mental health so you can flourish as a founder – or in any other role you pursue.

Here they are:

Part 1From Surviving to Thriving: 4 Ways to Overcome the Mental Toll of Startup Life

Part 26 Strategies to Master the Mental Demands of Startup Life

Take a look and consider the advice. If it helps you, or you resonate with the mission, share it with your community.