No Hurry, No Rest: A Powerful New Mantra

This is my new mantra. Want to know why?

I’ve spent the last three weeks recovering from some serious burnout. During that time, I haven’t been working as much. I’ve been resting a concussion I suffered from fainting after a light workout. Before that, stress and anxiety have taken their tool while I “hustle” – without meditating and prioritizing my health along the way.

Unbridled Hustle and Burnout doesn’t help you in the long run. You know what does? The consistent, intentional and sustainable pursuit of your goals.


What I love about this mantra is it embraces a daily philosophy that prioritizes consistency and avoids burnout. If you’re never in a hurry, you don’t need to rest. If you’re not burning yourself out, you don’t experience a crash.

No Hurry

This doesn’t mean you can’t work hard. It’s about avoiding that feeling when cortisol and adrenal courses through your veins, stressing and overheating your brain and body. The feeling when you haven’t taken a deep breath in hours and your brain shrinks from the lack of oxygen. When you’re in panic mode 24/7.

No Rest

This isn’t about never stopping, it’s about not needing to stop. If you’re flowing through your creation and ambition, and you’re maintaining your energy and mental fitness along the way, you won’t need to stop and recover from a crash or burnout. You’ll be healthier, happier and more mentally fit to continue going without the strain of stress and fear.
I heard this mantra from my friend Jenny Sauer-Klein and then again by Tim Ferris. It’s something I’m consciously working on. It will help you slow down, but actually get more done – and with better results.

It’s possible to unwind the pressures and stresses of ambition, and I’m excited to embrace the healthy and un-hurried ambition that uses more magic, flow and serendipity – and less foolish hustle.

Join me?