Since the creation of the first web page, the connected world has been constantly changing at a rapid pace, speeding its way through Web 2.0 and propelling us into the future. That future is now. The Internet of Things (IoT) is taking shape, and it's ushering in the third major evolution of the internet. If you don't catch the wave, you could miss out on the Internet of Things and the huge boom … Read More

Article: 7 Scientific Ways to Stop Complaining and Enjoy a Happier Life

Research shows that habitual complaining affects us mentally, emotionally, and physically. Such behavior may cause or worsen stress, sapping our energy and desire to pursue our dreams. Above all that, it just doesn't feel good to complain, or hear complaints. They're negative by nature and they don't help resolve the situation you wish were different. Complaining can also keep you from being a … Read More

The magical thing about books is that they have the power to change your life. It's a big reason why reading is an activity shared by the most successful people on earth. The right book at the right time is priceless. With the investment of a few hours and less than $15 you can obtain actionable advice and knowledge that took brilliant people years to figure out. Or you can gain the inspiration … Read More

Article: 25 Signs You’re Ready to Leave Your Job in 2017 (and Do What You Love)

If you're unhappy at your job because you feel unfulfilled, or have bigger aspirations than your current role can provide, you've likely outgrown your position. This is something to celebrate. You're an achiever, and you want more. And now is the perfect time to decide whether or not 2017 is the year you make the jump to something better. Maybe you don't realize it's time to leave and start a n … Read More

Article: Want to Be More Successful in 2017? Kill These 10 Self-Destructive Habits

I spent much of my twenties in a state of self-sabotage. No matter how many signs indicated that success was right in front of me as an online marketing consultant, I never really believed that I was good enough to be an entrepreneur. Instead, I pursued a career in financial services out of a sense of obligation. Day after day, I worked at a job that left me uninspired and ignored the red flags th … Read More

Crowdfunding -- I can’t stress enough how powerful and beneficial crowdfunding can be for your startup. If you’re a good fit for it (hardware or consumer product company at an angel or seed round), don’t hesitate to launch in Indiegogo or Kickstarter. We raised $600,000 on Indiegogo when most investors told us our idea would never succeed. You get the funding you need, validation for your idea and even some press.

Andrew Thomas

Be Extremely Detailed -- “You need to be extremely specific to keep your resolutions. Instead of writing, “Build a personal brand,” you should write: “I want to be on four panels and publish 12 articles.” Then document the actions and milestones required. For this example, you’d write, “Define panel goals with PR firm” and “Write an article per month.” You can never be too detailed with resolutions!”

Andrew Thomas

Article: Top 30 Conferences You Can’t Miss in 2017

Are you looking for a big New Year's resolution that will help you elevate to the next level of your career? You should consider making a strong effort to attend more conferences in 2017. Attending conferences added so much value to my life in 2016. I formed friendships with incredible entrepreneurs, landed some big deals, and gained the inspiration I needed to reach my goals in 2016. I will be … Read More

Article: The Stress-Reducing Secret to Being More Successful

Going faster. Multitasking. Hustling. This wildly hectic pace that we now call "normal" causes depression and anxiety - even though we don't admit it. More pragmatically, it threatens our ability to perform at our best. Entrepreneurs must learn to remain calm amidst the chaos. The solution is mindfulness. Mindfulness improves your powers of observation, your control over your thoughts and emoti … Read More

People Stop Interacting With You -- People like to work and do business with people they like. When you’re likable, people favor you and engage with you more often. So if you find that fewer people are reaching out, or your team isn’t engaging with you beyond the bare minimum that’s needed to do their job, you might want to improve your leadership habits.

Andrew Thomas