It goes without saying that blockchain and cryptocurrencies have become hot topics in the worlds of tech and finance. Blockchain has the ability to pervade every area of commerceand every facet of our lives, much like the internet. At this point, entrepreneurs and leaders would be remiss to ignore the opportunities and threats that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies present. The best en … Read More

If you spend time around truly successful people, you may notice that there are some things they simply refuse to say. They don't waste their time dwelling on negative thoughts or making excuses. They know that self-limiting beliefs keep them from success and excuses are simply stories that don't solve problems in a meaningful way. The decision to avoid false beliefs is deeply ingrained in grea … Read More

Article: 7 Fast and Powerful Ways You Can Serve Others

Though we sacrifice much in the name of success, deep down we desire something more meaningful--a genuine sense of purpose and fulfillment. It's possible to experience this sense of purpose without giving up the pursuit of success. How? By serving others. A big misconception about giving back is that it requires a substantial investment of time or significant contribution of money. I once thoug … Read More

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There's no question that success in business, and in life, often comes down to who you know, not what you know. This became especially apparent to me after spending time with one of the best-connected individuals I've ever met. From birthdays with U2's Bono to long-time friendships with tech billionaires, this entrepreneur has created a network so strong that he can make anything happen in two pho … Read More

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Regret is one of the most challenging emotions we face in life. It's particularly difficult because there's nothing you can do about the things you did, or didn't do, in your past. In fact, I find regret more challenging than the fear of failure. The thing I fear most is waking up one day and realizing that I did not live life to the fullest. There's no question you have regrets too. We all do. … Read More

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It only makes sense that many of the world's top companies are lead by the greatest leaders--Elon Musk, Arianna Huffington and Bill Gates, for example. It takes great leadership to create a world-changing vision and inspire the people necessary to execute on that vision. Both your personal success, and the success of your company, are based on your ability as a leader. But how, as an entreprene … Read More

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The quest for followers, validation and success has most of us chasing happiness as if it's a milestone or destination. We've built such strong dependencies on external validation that happiness is now seen as a bi-product of success, and we don't give ourselves permission to be happy until we've attained that success. Yet what if we realized that happiness isn't created by success, but is actu … Read More

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During the four year process of starting and scaling SkyBell, I have had the pleasure of meeting some remarkably successful people. Whether it's a potential investor or the CEO of a company with whom we could become partners, I'm lucky to have had a front row seat to a diverse set of individuals who have all created success in their life. When you spend time with great leaders, you start to rec … Read More