Article: Want to Be More Successful in 2017? Kill These 10 Self-Destructive Habits

I spent much of my twenties in a state of self-sabotage. No matter how many signs indicated that success was right in front of me as an online marketing consultant, I never really believed that I was good enough to be an entrepreneur. Instead, I pursued a career in financial services out of a sense of obligation. Day after day, I worked at a job that left me uninspired and ignored the red flags th … Read More

Article: Top 30 Conferences You Can’t Miss in 2017

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Article: The Stress-Reducing Secret to Being More Successful

Going faster. Multitasking. Hustling. This wildly hectic pace that we now call "normal" causes depression and anxiety - even though we don't admit it. More pragmatically, it threatens our ability to perform at our best. Entrepreneurs must learn to remain calm amidst the chaos. The solution is mindfulness. Mindfulness improves your powers of observation, your control over your thoughts and emoti … Read More

Article: The Best Travel Hacks I Learned While Flying Around The World in 8 Days

My most recent business trip took me around the world in just eight days. I traveled nearly 35,000 miles, visited three continents and spent over 88 hours on airplanes. Needless to say, I picked up a few tips and tricks along the way. Knowing top travel hacks can help you stay healthy, productive and sane during a trip, and allow you to conduct business successfully from the moment you arrive. … Read More

Article: The Personal Trait You Must Have to Get an Investor’s Money

You may think that brilliant ideas are what what get investors to say "yes," but that isn't the case. I've raised millions for my startup. I've also listened to pitches as an investor. Having been on both sides, I've noticed definitive ways that you, as a founder, can separate yourself from the pack. The most important thing to an investor is having a sense of confidence in you as a founder and … Read More

(Literally) bite your tongue. -- "The fastest way to become a better listener is to stop interrupting people when they speak. When you stop interrupting others, they feel safe expressing their opinions," says Andrew Thomas, co-founder of SkyBell Doorbell, a smart home security company. Thomas has a unique tactic that has helped him kick the habit of interrupting: "To stop interrupting others, I literally bite my tongue (with my mouth closed) and count to three after the speaker finishes a sentence. Then I let go and say something."

Andrew Thomas

Article: Win the Weekend and Start Your Week Off Right

You rarely, if ever, hear a successful entrepreneur say "I'm glad it's Friday." The life of an entrepreneur never stops. Every day is Tuesday. It's easy to fall into the belief that we must work 24/7. I'm all for hustling, but working all the time is a recipe for burnout - which doesn't actually help you or your business. One way to avoid burnout is to use weekends to refuel and prepare your … Read More

Article: 6 Ways to Be More Charismatic and Likable

Becoming a more likable and charismatic person can advance your career and your business in ways that technical skills and intelligence alone cannot. Everyone has the ability to be likable, but like any other skill, charisma needs to be honed. Adopting the traits of likable people helped me to produce more sales, create a better culture and establish a stronger network. Becoming more charism … Read More

Eat a high-fat, high-protein breakfast. -- We've all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Andrew Thomas, co-founder of smart video doorbell business SkyBell Doorbell, has taken this adage to heart by customizing his breakfast to increase his focus. "One big thing I did to vastly improve my productivity throughout the day was optimize my breakfast. I now eat a high-fat, high-protein breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up, along with green or pu-erh tea," says Thomas. "My cognition is noticeably better after cutting carbs in the morning, and I much prefer how green tea's caffeine has a more gradual decline than coffee. I also make a vegan protein shake with MCT oil."

Andrew Thomas

Article: 7 Reasons Why Millennials Are Perfectly Suited to Be Entrepreneurs

We've all heard the same old stereotypes about millennials being lazy, entitled and impatient. As a millennial, I don't pay any attention to these generalizations. I prefer to focus on the the real strengths millennials possess, the strengths that are so often overlooked by other generations. What do I see when I look around at my peers? I see a generation driven by purpose rather than money an … Read More