“Whether B2C or B2B, you will learn how to grow fast…Andrew is a candid speaker, and is passionate about giving real advice, blunt advice.” – Nasdaq

Speaking Topics

  • Enterprise sales
  • B2B sales
  • B2C sales (direct to consumer, retail, online)
  • Go-to-market strategy and market vision

What to expect when I speak:

  • Candid advice based on my real experiences (the good and the bad).
  • The real (and underrated) mindset and approach needed to be successful.
  • Sales and business development strategies that I developed over my career.
  • Actionable advice that will help generate tangible results.
  • Excitement, motivation and inspiration to be more successful.

What NOT to expect:

  • Fluff and bullshit – I have actually generated tens of millions in sales. I have walked the walk, and now I talk about it so others can too.
  • Gimmicky sales tricks that don’t build sustainable results.
  • Only focusing on the software side of things. If software could actually drive sales, then we wouldn’t be necessary.

“One of the top dealmakers and marketers” – Inc.com

Speaking Experience & Accolades

  • Conferences: SouthBySouthwest (SXSW), InternetWeek (NYC), Techweek, Connections (IoT), Eureka
  • TV/Media: Bloomberg, Fox Business, Nasdaq, American Express
  • Corporate workshops/presentations/events: Honeywell, Arrow Electronics, Nasdaq, ReWork, Galvanize, Target
  • Press: TechCrunch, Fast Company, Mashable, Forbes, Inc.com, Entrepreneur, The NextWeb, ReadWrite

Sales Experience & Success

I’m most well known as Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of SkyBell, a smart home (Internet of Things) company that helped pioneer the video doorbell. In 2013, I created an Indiegogo campaign that raised almost $600,000 in 30 days. Fast Company called it an “Indiegogo Sensation.”

In the six years since starting SkyBell, I have:

  1. Led business development, partnerships and sales – working with, or partnering with, Apple, Comcast, Honeywell, Alarm.com in the US, and a number of equally large companies in Asia.
  2. Driven tens of millions in enterprise (B2B) sales and revenue
  3. Helped drive tens of millions in B2C sales (direct to consumer and retail)
  4. Created the vision for SkyBell’s go-to-market strategy
  5. Helped raise tens of millions in funding.
  6. Helped scale SkyBell to a high valuation.
  7. Appeared on TV interviews (Bloomberg & Fox Business) and many podcasts.
  8. Helped SkyBell get covered by the top media outlets, including TechCrunch, Forbes, Inc.com, Fast Company, Wall Street Journal, and more.
  9. Mentored many startups and advised a startup in the smart cities space.
  10. Invented, or been a part of inventing, over 30 patents in the smart home space.
  11. Created meaningful relationships with the leaders of the smart home industry, venture capitalists and leaders at some of the world’s largest companies.

“There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the full extent of what HomeKit will do, but it’s done wonders for how Skybell is perceived in the industry, said Skybell cofounder Andrew Thomas. Conversations with bigger companies are no longer about who Skybell is and if the company is worth working with. “People started calling me about strategy,” said Thomas. “They want my perspective…” – Forbes

Empowering Others by Speaking and Writing

As a keynote speaker, I want every person that hears me to way away feeling empowered with the motivation, mindset and processes to create the success they want. I candidly share my experience (the good and the bad) and isolate the mindset, philosophy and processes that help people increase sales. I try to provide as much value, motivation and inspiration as I can.

My goals are very clear: to empower people by helping them feel worthy and to provide actionable information they need to be more successful. This is true no matter if I’m talking about sales, business development, motivation or Internet of Things.

As a writer, I contribute to Inc.com, covering a variety of topics that I feel empower leaders and entrepreneurs. Mindfulness, sales, marketing and tips on how to build meaningful relationships are some of the most common topics.

At my core, I’m focused on empowering others. My hope is that everyone (1) feels worthy to accomplish their dreams and (2) has access to the information and tools to make those dreams happen. That passion drives everything I do – from speaking and writing to starting businesses that positively impact our lives.

“One of the top entrepreneurs to follow in revenue growth.” – Forbes

“[SkyBell] is now one of the most valuable companies to ever be crowdfunded and boasts some of the biggest customers in the smart home space.” – Forbes