The Top Journalists and Experts to Follow in the Internet of Things

Surely you’ve heard the term. There’s a good chance you’ve also heard the staggering projections for what many are calling the “Third Wave” of the internet. It’s called the Internet of Things (IoT), and it’s going to fundamentally change our lives – just like the first version of the internet did decades ago.

Cisco projects that the IoT industry could be worth $19 trillion, with opportunities across the private and public sectors. It will not only disrupt countless industries and business models, it will create entirely new markets.

Are you ready?

As a founder of SkyBell, a rapidly growing IoT product company, I closely follow the news, analysis and forecasts to stay ahead of this ever-changing market. You need to do the same if you want to foresee the next big opportunity in this space.

Here’s a list of the top journalists, analysts and thought-leaders in the Internet of Things that I follow – and you should too.

Aaron Tilley – Staff Writer, Forbes

Aaron is a leading journalist covering IoT for Forbes, where he regularly discusses the growing world of Internet-connected hardware and chip companies. Follow his column for an in-depth look at products, hardware, standards and the technologies that enable IoT.

Stacey Higginbotham – The Internet of Things Podcast

Stacey is one of the top journalists covering IoT and often breaks the latest news in the space. She hosts a well-known podcast (The Internet of Things Podcast), on which she discusses recent events and interviews the entrepreneurs and leaders who are driving innovation in IoT. She also publishes a regular newsletter on all things IoT.

Julie Jacobson – Editor & Co-Founder, CEPro

Julie is a prominent journalist in the Smart Home segment of IoT who focuses on the home controller market and the professional (“Pro”) channels. She is the founder and editor of CEPro, which focuses on the B2B side of the Smart Home.

Kevin Tofel – Co-Host, The Internet of Things Podcast

Kevin is a mobile technology expert and co-host with Stacey Higginbotham. Kevin is skilled at presenting advanced technical information in an accessible manner and helping listeners understand the technologies that power IoT and why they are important. He’s also a leading authority on mobile technology, and he brings that perspective to the Smart Home and IoT.

Michael Wolf – Smart Home Show Podcast

Michael is a leading market analysts specializing in the smart home segment of IoT. He’s also become the foremost expert in the Smart Kitchen – and hosts the Smart Kitchen Summit.  As host of another leading IoT podcast called ” The Smart Home Show,” Michael breaks down industry news, trends and analysis; and interviews the top leaders in IoT.

Megan Wollerton – Associate Editor/Reviews, CNET

Megan is an associate editor at CNET, where she publishes extensive reviews on the latest smart home products and services. If you want to learn more about the best products, or want to know what makes a great product, follow Megan’s column.

Ry Crist – Associate Editor/Reviews, CNET

Ry Crist is also an associate editor at CNET and a top expert in consumer IoT products. Along with Megan, Ry puts the latest smart home gadgets through extensive testing and helps customers make sense of the sometimes complicated smart home segment.

Greg Kahn – CEO, Internet of Things Consortium

As the CEO of the Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC), an IoT advocacy group comprised of the entrepreneurs, leaders and executives driving the IoT market, Greg’s Twitter and LinkedIn accounts are great sources of industry news, analysis and trends. Greg also publishes the IoTC newsletter, which includes commentary from members of the IoTC.

Carley Knobloch – HGTV; The Today Show

Carley is the go-to person for learning how smart home technology can work for you. She is a smart home tech expert – helping consumers understand how the smart home can bring them convenience, safety and cost savings. I follow her Twitter and Instagram for a curated flow of valuable information.

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino – Founder, DesignSwarm

IoT designer, consultant and speaker, Alexandra is an IoT expert based in London. Her Twitter feed is a constant stream of relevant and insightful IoT news from all over the world.

Chris Davies – Executive Editor, SlashGear

Journalists who cover IoT range from supportive advocates to harsh critics. Chris walks an honest line between the two. As an editor at SlashGear, Chris reviews the latest IoT products and covers the market, speaking honestly about where the industry is – and where it can improve.

Ayah Bdeir – CEO, littleBits Electronics

As the founder of littleBits, Ayah’s influence and expertise is based strongly in IoT and connected technology. Yet her influence extends beyond IoT. Ayah is a true influencer, empowering everyone to discover the fun of electronics and engineering. She’s one of Inc. Magazine’s 35 Under 35 and one of MIT’s Technology Review’s 35 Innovators Under 35.

Blake Miller – Partner, Think Big Partners

Blake is a leading expert in Smart City technology. He is a catalyst for Kansas City’s Smart City efforts and an investor at Think Big Partners in Kansas City. Follow Blake to get some of the most insightful articles on how IoT will reshape the way we live.

Jenny Fielding – Managing Director, Techstars

Jenny directs the IoT accelerator for Techstars and has an insider’s pulse on Smart Home, Smart City and the Industrial IoT.  She’s made numerous investments in IoT and shares her perspective and expertise on her Twitter account and the Techstars blog. She recently posted a great article on the state of the Indutrial IoT market.

Alasdair Allan – Contributing Editor, MAKE Magazine

A technologist at heart, Alasdair is a leading authority in the maker community. He frequently covers IoT products and the underlying technologies that power them. Alasdair provides excellent commentary on “fixing” Internet of Things.

Dave Zatz – Founder, Zatz Not Funny Blog

Dave regularly tweets on a wide variety of technology topics, including IoT. He covers many Smart Home products and topics on his top tech blog,

If you’re eager to start a new business or want to understand how your current business will be impacted by the Internet of Things, follow these experts. They are the same ones I follow and they will help you stay at the forefront of this explosive industry.